Project description

HASLINGER STAHLBAU, having designed, produced, supplied and fitted the steel support structure for the Grand Hall, in addition to the Recital Hall and the stairway in the foyer, is effectively responsible for the heart of the Elbphilharmonie. HASLINGER STAHLBAU has therefore overcome a huge challenge presented in the form and scope of the geometric and architectural specifications. The Grand Hall on the 12th floor is a mighty 55 metres in diameter. Surrounding the orchestra are the interwoven tiers which rise steeply from the 12th to the 19th floor. For acoustic reasons, the entire steel structure has been mounted on spring assemblies and is thus decoupled from the rest of the building.

16 structural designers, 20 design engineers, 120 metalworkers/welders and 20 fitters were involved in its execution. Due to the extreme geometric requirements, every one of the 14,443 node joints of the steel support structure had to be specially calculated and designed. Production and fitting also posed a mammoth task which was ultimately completed with the utmost care.

Project Location