Project description

The U2/14 “Hausfeldstrasse” construction section is part of the further U2 north extension to the former Aspern airfield and consists of two station constructions.

HASLINGER implemented the steel construction works including the complete expansion of the passenger station and the operating rooms in a proven manner and to the complete satisfaction of the client. The scope of services rendered by HASLINGER included, in addition to the load-bearing steel elements, the glass facades in a post-bar construction, the outer facades made of metal, the roof coverings including the green covering of the roof, numerous glass parapets, railings, lift protectors made of glass, station fixtures, glass cabinets, signage parts and the sound insulation in the station area.

The high-quality execution of the services rendered by Haslinger ensures the appropriate and safe use of this passenger station for Vienna public transport for many decades.

Project location