QUALITY takes priority!

A high level of customer satisfaction is the benchmark for the quality of our work.

All our project implementation processes are planned and documented. If the circumstances change, they are adjusted if necessary. Comprehensively trained employees are deployed in all areas, so that everyone makes a significant contribution to the quality of the overall product through their work.

SAFE at the workplace

HASLINGER STAHLBAU operates a certified safety management system (ISO 45001).

In order to enable our employees to work safely, all processes and work steps are evaluated on an ongoing basis. For this HASLINGER STAHLBAU employs trained safety specialists and safety representatives, as well as an occupational health practitioner.




The interplay of our core competences – engineering, procurement, production, supply and assembly – is coordinated and controlled by our project managers.

With the experience gained in many years’ employment in steel construction, they manage and steer the passage of the projects through the individual processes with foresight and prudence. It is only in this way that synergy is created between the interacting resources and strengths of HASLINGER STAHLBAU.


Our technical office employs highly qualified designers who work closely together with our four certified structural engineers.

They all have many years of experience in structural and civil engineering, and can fall back on the state-of-the-art IT programs for structural verification management and structural planning. The resulting data are immediately transmitted to the various production processing areas.


The timely and cost-effective procurement of the selected primary materials and subcontractor services is a fundamental and essential service process.

Here HASLINGER STAHLBAU proves itself to be a reliable and professional partner for its suppliers and subcontractors. Efficient and well-considered processes for purchasing and awarding contracts are just as vital as the ecological and sustainable aspects.


HASLINGER STAHLBAU has networked all areas of its work online, optimising not only the individual production steps, but the entire value chain.

An ERP system which was developed in-house enables the optimal throughput of projects. HASLINGER STAHLBAU is able to produce steel components with unit weights of up to 65 tons, with all the welding work being implemented exclusively by certified welders. Steel constructions are executed in accordance with the relevant standards (ÖNORM, DIN, EN).


HASLINGER delivers globally “just in time”. This is made possible by our well thought-out processes and outstanding logistics which have been proven over many years.

The finished components are stored temporarily on-site, and delivered to the various building sites for assembly at the optimal time.

HASLINGER STAHLBAU has its own rail connection; this allows also to undertake rail transports in addition to HGV transport by freight forwarders with an efficient vehicle fleet.


HASLINGER has its own assembly department. Extensively trained and equipped employees with many years’ experience operate both nationally and internationally.

The extensive experience of the well-coordinated core team not only guarantees rapid and continuous work on the construction site, but also ensures the important intra-company feedback to the structural engineering, planning and production teams, enabling them to continuously improve their operating processes and workflows.